How does HBOT work?

The moderately increased pressure will dramatically increase the amount of oxygen that will be safely delivered to all tissues in the body, even to places that have naturally restricted blood flow (i.e. the body’s white tissues), lower than normal flow or even blockages.

The air that we breathe usually provides enough oxygen for both normal body metabolism and the repair of tissue damage after injury or illness. However, tissue damage or disease also involves the blood vessels within the tissue and this may reduce blood flow. So, just when more oxygen is needed, the supply is reduced and recovery may be limited or even prevented.

By increasing the concentration of oxygen in the blood, more of it can be delivered to damaged tissue to establish normal oxygen values and so allow recovery to take place. Oxygen diffuses under pressure because of the laws of physics in plasma, which supplies all body tissues with oxygen.

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In a myriad of documented cases HBOT has produced remarkable and miraculous benefits for a wide variety of serious medical conditions. HBOT has been clinically proven to produce a more efficient immune system, a more rapid regeneration of cells, and is proven to work as a potent anti-aging therapy. Simply stated, significantly increasing the delivery of oxygen to all tissues throughout one’s body results in improved health and vitality. Breathing pressurized oxygen allows every fluid in your body to better absorb the life giving gas.

Once these fluids are “supercharged” with oxygen, there is an increased oxygen supply to all of your body systems and organs. You’ll witness peak wellness, peak energy and peak mental acuity. Healing from virtually every illness and even post-surgery will occur faster and more extensively. You will discover amazing, restful rejuvenating sleep. With continued treatments over a period of time you’ll experience the anti-aging benefits provided by HBOT.