About HBOT

HBOT d.o.o. company (in strategic cooperation with Austrian company
AHA Hyperbarics GmbH) is engaged in the production and sale of hyperbaric systems as well as education, research, support, and providing treatments in numerous facilities. Our experts educate hyperbaric chamber operators and medical staff all over the world.

AHA hyperbaric system is special and extremely functional because:

  • it operates at 2.0 bar (200 kPa)
  • it has special patent triple-layer design (designed for 3.0 bar (300 kPa))
  • it is portable
  • it is lightweight
  • it is spacious and bright
  • oxygen is extracted from the surrounding air with oxygen concentrators, so oxygen cylinder is not required.

Breathe the future and simply feel better!

Our products stand out because of their carefully selected materials of the highest quality. Our innovations are the reason why we are reaching new dimensions in hyperbaric medicine. Our development team strives for constant progress and constantly seeks new innovations and product improvements. By doing so, we offer our customers the most technologically advanced and reliable products.